Body shaming…an act of bullying that most of us constantly experience. This kind of bullying affects our mental health as both children and adults. Mental health goes hand in hand with loving your physique and personality. Society teaches us to hate our bodies and live up to their expectations,sacrificing our mental health in the process. A lot of people,especially the social media community, don’t understand the concept of body shaming and the impact it might have on a person’s life. Sometimes body shaming someone pushes them to actually move at a faster pace,and in most cases it breaks people into a thousand pieces. So since words tend to push us to be great sometimes,does it mean that it’s okay to emotionally bully someone with the aim of “building” them? No! Of course not.


Society just has these double standards where they say one thing on social media and behave in a completely different manner. And by society I’m referring to both men and women. Body shaming goes both ways,it affects both genders. A lot of women tend to body shame men and find it funny. But when the tables are turned,it’s war. I’m not saying that it’s okay for men to body shame women,but what I am saying is that we need to stop being hypocrites. I honestly don’t understand how women think it’s okay to body shame men,but so wrong for men to do the same thing. I just wish that every time people talk about body shaming,they wouldn’t refer to girls only,because society has actually normalised body shaming men all the time. If you’re against body shaming,then you should stand for body shaming against both genders.


Like I said before,society teaches us to hate our bodies. Meaning that sometimes we don’t really hate our bodies,we hate the fact that our bodies don’t fit in to the beauty standards of society. What I’m saying might be confusing to others,but hating your body simply because you just don’t like it and hating your body because someone said that they don’t like it are two completely different things.

As a teenager I did and still do experience body shaming in a sugar coated manner. When i was 14 years old I gained weight due to unsure reasons. At that time I didn’t even realise it nor had much interest in how my body looked,I was just okay with the way I was. Everything changed when I went through a rough patch the following year. The year which I started experiencing depression. Due to my depression I went through a drastic change of weight loss. I became so skinny that people would eventually make fun of me and make different  assumptions about the reason behind my weight loss. Most times people would remind me of my previous “beautiful” body and it would hurt me so much because they’d say all these things without knowing that I have no control over what I’m going through. Sometimes I would resort to force feeding myself with the aim of gaining some weight,and as usual I would fail to eat.

This year I began to gain weight even though I was still going through depression. Why and how? I honestly don’t know. And as expected people “compliment” me and some tell me that I should gain just a little bit more. People constantly comment on my weight gain and I know that most of them aren’t talking from a negative view,but it makes me so uncomfortable because I have to deal with the pressure of maintaining this body weight by making sure that I don’t experience another weight loss. There are times when I just have a mental breakdown for like a week and in that week I force feed myself sometimes because I’m afraid of losing weight again. I came to realise that i never hated my body,I only hated the fact that people think that I would look much better if I had a different physique,since i have such a small body. I don’t really have a problem with my physique,vile people do.


It’s really sad to see how we girls are being constantly pressurised into having the perfect bodies. In a white society the perfect body is the skinny type. Not being skinny is not considered as a beauty standard. In a black society it is the opposite,being skinny is not considered as the perfect body. The perfect body in my black society is the thick,curvaceous type with a big butt. If you’re not thick and butt given like me,you have to deal with the pressure of being told that you’d look more beautiful if you had this kind of body. These two races have different beauty standards,but the one body type that is equally not acceptable by them and every other race is being fat.

We’re all aware of our weights right? Why bother telling someone that they’re fat even though they’re very much aware that they are? If someone is fat and they want to lose weight they’ll do it willingly and at their own pace. There are women who are fat and they love their bodies as they are. Stop sugar coating body shaming as health issue concerns. As girls we should stop our hypocritical acts of protecting plus size women only. Social media is all about speaking up against body shaming until it comes to skinny girls. Being skinny doesn’t mean that you starve yourself,it simply means that you just choose to nourish your body differently or you’re just naturally skinny. Another thing that we should stop doing as females is to stop body shaming other females who do plastic surgery. I personally don’t prefer to do plastic surgery when I grow up,but that doesn’t mean I judge those who prefer it. Doing plastic surgery doesn’t automatically mean that you don’t have confidence,it simply means that you just want to look a certain way. Every girl should feel comfortable in their body without being tormented with words.


It’s okay to be fat,it’s also okay to be skinny.
It’s okay to be curvaceous,it’s also okay to be slim.
It’s okay to be tall,it’s also okay to be short.
It’s okay to have a small butt,it’s also okay to have a big butt.
It’s okay to have a slim flat stomach,it’s also okay to have a stomach that’s not flat. It’s okay to have big breasts,it’s also okay to have small breasts.


It’s okay to be short,it’s also okay to be tall.
It’s okay to have a belly,it’s also okay to have six packs
It’s okay to be dark skinned,it’s also okay to be light skinned. It’s okay to be muscular,it’s also okay to be have average muscles or none at all.

If you want to change something about your body,do it because you want to do it,not because people want you to do it. Stop body shaming. Let’s be better.♡


This is an unproven statement that was apparently said by Pieter Willem Botha. He was a South African politician and he served as the last Prime Minister from 1978 to 1984 and as the first executive State President from 1984 to 1989. Pieter Williem Botha was racist and during his ruling he made a lot of rules that violated the human rights of black people in South Africa.

So yesterday i was watching this movie by the name of “Loving Thokoza.” Which is what inspired me to write this post. The movie was about a black woman who grew up studying very hard to get out of the township during the apartheid era. She didn’t want to be like the rest of the black people who spent their lives fighting for freedom and for a new South Afrjca,instead she wanted to be successful by working for white people. All she wanted was to get away from all the violence,until someone very dear to her warned her about how white people would exploit her and spit her out once they found the next best asset to them.

The statement above may have not been proven to be true or false,but that is the mentality of white racist people towards us as blacks and i totally agree with it because that is what we have turned into. White people treated us like animals to the extent where we behaved like the animals they describe us to be. Mandela and all the other freedom fighters in South Africa fought so that we could prove white people wrong and show them that we’re as much of human beings as they are. We are not barbaric animals,we are human beings that allowed themselves to turn into barbaric animals. Instead of proving them wrong,we continue to allow white people to define us.

I am a South African and I’m not afraid to say that my fellow black South Africans are lazy. I understand very well that the apartheid era has done a lot of damage to black people and its economy,but still that is no excuse to continue damaging ourselves instead of uplifting each other. Zimbabwean people are very hard working and i admire them for that. Many of the small markets here in South Africa are owned by Zimbabweans. Many of them emmigrate here because their country is very poor and nothing is free. Unlike us,they don’t have free housing,free education and social grants etc. They come here wanting to work and instead of welcoming them with open arms,we call them “Makwerekwere” (unpolite name used to call foreigners) and chase them out. It’s funny how South Africans hate Zimbabweans for supposedly stealing their jobs when all they do is get drunk instead of looking for jobs. I know that jobs are really scarce,but a lot of people in poor areas where there are high cases of violence don’t even bother looking for jobs,but they always have money to get drunk.

Another issue about South Africans is that we’re very naive and lazy. Sometimes i think to myself: “Why is it that a lot of foreign pastors emigrate here to South Africa?” The answer to my own question is that they do this because they see that we are very guilible and we believe in miracles without hard work. When a South African hears about a Nigerian pastor that performs miracles,they won’t hesitate to use their last cent or borrow money to see the supposedly miracle performer. White people are smart and black people are also smart. But because they don’t see us as smart people,we believed them and threw away our sense of thinking. There’s a reality show that i love to watch called “I Blew It.” It features people who once had millions through compensation funds etc and lost everything in a few months. On top of our laziness,we lack sense. For example,if you have 10 million and you split it in two among a black person and a white person,what do you think will happen? The first thing a black person will do is throw the biggest party,buy expensive stuff and spend it on friends. I don’t know who told South Africans that the more you keep withdrawing money without working,it multiplies. The white person won’t even spend a single cent of that money,he’s going to invest it all so that it keeps multiplying.

So we all know that due to the pandemic,the President banned sales of alcohol. The way that people behaved after the alcohol ban was lifted was a total disgrace. Millions and millions of people woke up very early to stand in long ques to buy alcohol on the first day,that’s when i saw that South Africans love alcohol with every inch of their life. There’s nothing wrong with drinking,the problem begins when people behave like hooligans because of alcohol. Seeing that lifting the alcohol ban did a lot of damage,the President decided to ban the sale of alcohol again. Now that we’re in level 2,the ban was lifted and boy people are so happy. The cases of gender based violence keep rising and many of them prove that many of the men who rape and abuse women commit these cruelties under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately white people are right for seeing us the way they do,lazy hooligans who are good in making noise and being violent.

The fact that we see white people as these amazing,intelligent creatures affects the minds of children. I’ve seen so many children in town look at white people with amazement and envy. Sometimes when you’re in town,you’ll hear a black child saying, “Mommy! Mommy look i see a white person.” Even my little cousins tend to do this. It breaks my heart to see them envying the life of a white person because society has taught them that white people are intelligent and special human beings,unlike us. They’ll grow up with the same mentality and that’s how we’ll always be stuck in the same position. We undermine ourselves,which makes us create limitations in our minds. The same government that is supposed to be help uplift the economy doesn’t care about us. All they do is participate in corrupt activities that only benefit them as officials while the people of this country continue to suffer from poverty and violence.

The cruelty of white police terrorising black people has upset a lot of people around the world. But the fact that black people here in South Africa have been burning farms and killing white farmers is a disgrace and these are barbaric acts. Racism is very painful guys,but we can’t fight fire with fire. Let us prove them wrong through our words and actions. Let us be sensible and tell ourselves that we’re just as capable as they are. Usually people have one motto in life,but i have more than one motto. And one of them is to never allow people’s opinions of you define who you are,just because someone has their own idea about you doesn’t mean that you must behave according to that.




My biggest fear is to be found lying in a ditch somewhere all because a man thought i provoked him with my sense of clothing,all because he couldn’t deal with the fact that i said i don’t want him and so he sees it fit to punish me,all because he thinks that wearing revealing clothes means that I’m looking for attention and i “want it”,all because he thinks that being my partner means that he can hit me to a pulp and get access to my body anytime without my consent,all because he finds joy in seeing a woman struggling and crying,all because he thinks that even if i cry I’ll snap out of it in the process. My biggest fear is to find myself fighting for my life,crying my lungs out,begging for mercy in the hands of a man. I am a 16 year old girl and my biggest fear…my biggest fear is MEN!

Gender based violence is a nightmare to me and every other female. I used to have the “i can’t be afraid of wearing revealing clothes because of men” attitude. But as time went on i stopped wearing revealing clothes when going somewhere,i only wear revealing clothes when I’m not planning to go anywhere. The cases of GBV kept escalating last year in 2019 and that scared me so much. Going to and coming back from school takes me about 20-30 minutes on foot. Sometimes i think about going to school with a knife in my school bag to protect myself in case someone tries to kidnap me or attack me. You might be thinking that there’s some paranoia involved right..?but yeah,that’s how scared i am. But i don’t do it because i know that I’d be violating the school’s rules. Sometimes i just cringe when i think about the fact that after one year I’ll be going to varsity. The thought of living alone or with a girl that’s about my age scares me.

Rape culture is a serious issue here in South Africa. I tend to describe rape culture as a sick mentality. I live in a country where it is more shameful to be raped than to be a rapist. A country where the victim is always at fault and the rapist a victim of temptation. Rape culture silences victims who wish to speak up and share their narrative. It’s really sad to see women taking part in promoting sexual aggression and making rape seem less complex than it really is. Society teaches us as girls to walk in groups,to carry pepper sprays,to never leave our drinks unattended,to wear “proper” clothes. They teach us how to conduct ourselves,but they don’t teach boys from an early age how they must show respect towards girls. Society generates all of these teachings so they can be used as excuses to blame victims for getting raped.

If clothes could speak they’d say, “Rape has nothing to do with us and everything to do with rapists.” So since revealing clothes appear as a form of temptation to rapists and are one of the causes of rape,tell me something,what is it in a 6 months old baby that could possibly arouse a man in his thirties??? We’ve all heard stories about men who’ve raped infants. Unfortunately for me i once saw a video that traumatised me for weeks. It was of a man in his 20s raping a baby that was about 1 year old or so. The moment it started playing i threw my phone on the bed,i couldn’t bare to watch it going forward. So my question to society’s mentality is,what is it in a 60 year old granny that could possibly arouse a boy to the extent of raping her? Indian/Muslim people wear clothes that cover up their whole body,from their head to their toes,but why is it that it is one of the countries that have high rates of incidence of rape? We apply all of these rules that society teaches us and still we get raped. We get raped despite our efforts to protect ourselves because the only cause of rape is RAPISTS!

Gender based violence is my worst fear,which is why I’ll work very hard to find ways to fight it as an activist. Being scared of something doesn’t mean that you must just lock yourself in your comfort zone away from all the danger. For now blogging is my only way of raising awareness but somewhere around next year when I’ll be doing my last year in high school I’ll find ways to raise awareness at school. So i just want to educate the people surrounding me before i raise awareness else where. This was just a little piece of sharing my fear and how i wish to fight against it. I live in fear but having virgivitiphobia(fear of getting raped) doesn’t make me weak at all. I will live the rest of my life fighting against gender based violence.

It’s clear that the men of this generation are rotten and broken beyond repair,so the least we can do is to raise better men for the next generation. Let’s teach boys while they’re still young with fresh,innocent minds how to respect girls. Teach them that actions such as cat-calling and touching a girl’s butt without her consent is unacceptable and disrespectful. Quote by Nelson Mandela: “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of their skin. If a person can be taught to hate,they can also be taught how to love…” This quote is off-topic,but i mentioned it because i believe that if society could teach boys about the basic things they must not do,we’ll have a world where there are more good men that respect women and less bad men who think they’re superior to women and lack respect for them. If you’re a teacher,parent,aunt,uncle,grandparent,whatever you are,teach any boy that you know how to conduct themselves towards girls while they still have fresh minds. Instill positive attitudes in their minds,for the sake of the future generations.


“The world will end soon,” they always say.

I don’t know about the world,but humanity sure died the day rape was normalised as the victim’s fault,hitting a woman was labelled as “disciplining” and the three key words,kindness,respect and compassion became the new sins that everyone is afraid of commiting.


Gender based violence is a pandemic that has befallen our country. A woman loses her life every four hours in the hands of their partner,family member,colleague or a stranger.

The government doesn’t take gender based violence as seriously as they should. Each and every year we have to protest on the streets and on social media but still nothing changes. Our justice system is very weak,perpetrators know this and they take advantage because they know that they’ll get arrested today and be released the next day,whether you’re rich or poor. About 5% of rape allegations are false and guess what,our government chooses to focus on that 5% instead of investigating all cases without belittling victims. It’s estimated that only 14% of rape perpetrators are convicted,you know why? The damn “justice” system favours rapists and so victims don’t even bother reporting rape. The protests and awareness raising that we participate in as citizens isn’t enough because we don’t have enough resources to combat this matter. The people who are up there,the ones who have all the resources to dissolve this issue aren’t putting as much effort. Gender based violence will never be dissolved because our government system is corrupt to the core. When a woman reports a case about being raped,the first thing she’s asked is “what were you wearing?”. The very same police authorities who swore an oath to protect citizens are the very same people that are killing and abusing women. Instead of investigating they want you as the victim to bring the evidence to them,they want you to do their job for them.

I once read a quote by Albert Einstein that says: “The world is a dangerous place,not because of those who do evil,but because of those who look on and do nothing”. Society also plays a huge role in promoting gender based violence. Society always blames victims for getting raped because of their sense of clothing,partying,going out to a few dates as a single woman and spending men’s money. No amount of money or materials should make a man feel entitled to a woman’s body or life. It’s funny how society spends more time teaching women how to conduct themselves instead of putting that energy into good use by teaching men how to respect women. Recently the Social Development Deputy Minister Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu took to social media with claims that cancer is the cause of gender based violence. And as expected no one understood her point nor agreed with her. It’s really sad to see fellow women making up unfounded excuses regarding GBV. There’s only ONE cause of GBV and that is: evil men who think they’re superior to women and lack respect,finish and klaar! Lack of education,poverty,revealing clothes and so on aren’t the causes so stop focusing on all these excuses and focus on what we can do as human beings. One thing that i will never understand is why society has made it a norm that being raped is more shameful than being a rapist.


Albinism refers to a group of disorders where there’s little or no production of the melanin pigment. It is caused by a defect in one of the several genes that produce or distribute melanin.

We all know of the historical myths and superstitions that the body parts of albinos have superpowers to bring good fortune and wealth. There’s also the myth that albinism is caused by lack of sunlight,so children have to face the cruelty of being placed outside in the sun and adults are encouraged to work outside in the sun as frequently as possible,increasing their risk of skin cancer. Fishermen in some parts of Africa believe that if you make a fish net out of albinos’ hair,you’ll catch a lot of fish. There are a lot of myths and superstitions behind albinism and albinos have to bear the pain of cruel treatment because of these myths.

Albino killings are very common in Africa. Especially in parts of Tanzania and Malawi. Albinos have to live in fear from strangers and from their own greedy families. In most cases families conspire against their own albino relatives because of greed. They’re not safe anywhere. Mothers who give birth to albinos are marginalised and endure emotional pain of their families disowning them with the belief that they’ll bring bad luck to the family. We all know that a lot of men have big egos right..? One of the sick mentalities men have is that they don’t produce albino children. Men who have albino children tend to leave their partners with the belief that they cheated. The sad reality is that even when albinos are dead they still don’t have peace because people dig up their graves and take their corpses.

Besides living in fear of being killed for their body parts,children with albinism are ridiculed by family and strangers and there are some workplaces where they don’t hire people with albinism nor allow them to visit at the workplace. People with albinism are also raped because of the myth that if you have unprotected sex with an albino person you’ll get cured of AIDS/HIV. How often have you heard about people being arrested for causing harm to albinos? It’s like people get to do all this evil work and they never get persecuted for it. Life just goes on and it’s business as usual. Albino killings are one of the unnoticed cruelties in society.


North Korea is one of the countries that have the worst human rights violations in the world. It is a dictatorship and it’s currently being led by Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Un is a very ruthless dictator. He executed his own uncle by feeding him to a whole lot of dangerous dogs because apparently he betrayed him. And his uncle is not the only one who’s ever been executed. Since he began ruling in 2011 Kim Jong Un has executed over 300 people,officials,family,foreigners and citizens.

There are a lot of rules that violate human rights in North Korea,so I’ll just mention a few. North Korea is divided into two sides,the rich side and the poor side. In North Korea people aren’t allowed to have food markets or any sort of small business,everything is controlled by the government. When someone commits a crime they are sent to a labour camp with their family/their family is forced to witness their execution and then sent to a labour camp. People who come into the country without visas or who break the laws of the country like taking pictures of things they aren’t allowed to take are taken to labour camps for months/years or executed depending on the crime. When people come into the country they aren’t allowed to go to the poor side of North Korea,so the stories about the cruelty there are testimonies from the people who have managed to escape to Japan,China or South Korea. People escape knowing very well that the family they leave behind will suffer the consequences. In North Korea there’s only one tv channel and all the propaganda promotes Kim Jong Un being a God. People aren’t allowed to communicate with people outside the country nor listen to any type of media that’s not made in North Korea. Kids are taught that Kim jong Un can read the thoughts of everyone so they are afraid of thinking bad stuff about him.

You’d think that living on the rich side is quite a priviledge,but it’s really not. Once you finish school the government chooses a career for you according to your abilities and skills,a lot of people are put into the military. Women in the military are constantly raped by officials and they can’t do anything about it. Very few people are allowed to go outside the country,with strong valid reasons of course,and obviously those reasons have to be work related. If you don’t have a wife or children you aren’t granted permission to leave. The list of cruelties goes on and on. People who do manage to escape to China create new identities,but those who are caught are sent back. There are organisations that help refuges from North Korea to adjust to a new life and send back money to the lucky relatives they left behind and sometimes they help them escape. Apparently China has the power to stop all this cruelty but they just don’t wannna help. North Korea also threatens other countries because they have weapons that no other country has in the world.


I don’t quite understand the story of Yemen and exactly why it is in the state that it is in. I’m still trying to give myself time to sit down and understand clearly where all of this began and for what reasons. All i know for now is that all of this suffering is caused by political wars. The people in Yemen are being killed with nuclear weapons and so on but most of them die from hunger. There’s no water or food and animals are even eating their own kind to survive. The people who are suffering most from all of this are the children. Most of them don’t even last up to 2 months after they’re born. Things are very bad in that country at this moment,very very bad. People are signing petitions and fighting for Yemen but I’m not sure if all that is enough without enough resources and with governments not fighting.


So I’m pretty sure that we all know of the Black Lives Matter movement right? For a few years now police have been mistreating and killing black people in USA. The statistics show that last year in 2019 police have killed more than 1000 black people. Police are only allowed to kill people during situations such as hostages and chase outs. But the police in USA have stun the world and started a pandemic of killing and abusing black people. Black people are constantly living in fear of racist police and citizens. On a daily basis a lot of white people make calls to the police accusing black people of useless things,such as standing near a cafe and not buying anything. Black women who have coloured children are often ridiculed in public and accused of kidnapping. Black men now live in fear of becoming the next hashtag.

Then there’s also the issue of Zimbabwean police mistreating Zimbabwean people for no valid reasons. They even come into churches and start beating everyone there and arresting them. The brutality just keeps escalating and their lives are very much at risk. When i first heard about this i was very shocked because i couldn’t understand why they would commit such brutality to their own kind. We all know that white superiority has always been an issue right..we found it here and we’ll probably live it here. So like we have to fight against white racist people mistreating us and then also fight against our own kind mistreating us!

Guys…Would it kill us if we could learn to treat each other kindly? Being compassionate and caring? Why can’t we live in peace? “The world is dangerous,not because of those who do harm,but because of those who look on and do nothing,” by Albert Einstein. The world just keeps on rotting and we do nothing about it. To whoever’s reading this,never allow the cruelties and pain of this world change you into someone else. Always be kind to people,not because they’re kind or not,but because of what you are. Let us have humanity and be kind. Being human is given,but keeping our humanity is a choice.

About Me:

“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

Since i was a kid I’ve always been an outcast. I grew up being isolated from everyone around me,but just like everyone else i had a comfort zone. Mine was literature. Not a lot of kids would just spend their time reading books and writing God knows what. But for me it was different,i always had scriblers and papers lying around with my diary entries,poems and so on. Due to personal reasons when i was about ten years old i was very adamant that being both a social worker and a therapist would be my occupations in the future. But then as time went on i developed an interest for business. At that time i thought developing a new interest in something else meant giving up the old one.

As you grow up your horizons broaden and you develop a strong drive to do anything. That’s what happened to me. I relaised that limits are just a state of the mind. There are no limits on what you can achieve with your life,except the limits you accept in your mind. Since i had an interest in literature,business and activism,i thought to myself..hey why not do everything. You know i have this great vision of becoming a business woman in construction,a great activist leader fighting for peace and humanity,an author,a great philanthropist and so much more. Most people want to be successful and rich to be able to live in fantasy and get everything they want. But for me it’s very different,of course i do want to be successful. But i want to be successful not only for my benefit,but for the benefit of others.

I want to sweat,i want to cry,i want to fight and tire myself out so that i can bring happiness and peace to those who are most vulnerable. I want to become so successful that I’ll be able to help so many people. Helping people is not just another job or about power,it’s about being human. I once read a quote by Mother Teresa that says :”a life not lived for others is not worth living.” And it really intrigued me because it is exactly how i feel. Me wanting to fight for peace and humanity is not just another job,it’s my rent for living on this earth.

Anyways guys that was just an introductory post about myself. A message from me today:DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF. WHY LIMIT YOURSELF WHEN YOU CAN GO AS FAR AS YOUR MIND TAKES YOU? DREAM,PLAN AND EXECUTE!